Our Team

The founding & executive members of EXCELSIS Trading Cooperatie have an extensive background and years of experience in the food and wine industry.

The team comprises of a balnaced set of skills in sales and business development, global trade & tax, organization development, and value creation.


Natie Engelbrecht is the founding member and chairman. Natie is an advocate by trade with a strong legal background spanning extensively across all legislative, taxation and foreign trade-duty matters. His in-depth knowledge of all the contractual elements of global trade and business serves as our foundation.

WILMAR SCHUITENMAKER -- Chief Executive Officer

Wilmar Schuitenmaker, with a proven record in strong leadership and value creation. He has held various board positions at amongst other: Sara Lee Meats, WE Fashion and Jan Linders Supermarkets.

DE BRUYN STEENKAMP -- Chief Commercial Officer

De Bruyn Steenkamp, with a strong legal-, commercial and wine background. He is a lawyer by trade holding a Master’s degree in International trade law, is a previous global head of sales and marketing at a leading South African liquor company, and also a Cape Wine Master.

GERRIE OLIVIER -- Chief Operating Officer

Gerrie Olivier, with a strong strategic, sales and marketing background. He has experience as International Business Development Director for a leading asset management company. He has extensive exposure to foreign trade, logistics and the wine business.