EXCELSIS Trading Cooperative Services

EXCELSIS Trading Cooperative provides a cooperative membership to producers, providers, wholesalers and retailers of wine, food and agricultural products.

The benefits of becoming a member of the EXCELSIS Cooperation are centered around five value areas:

  • Access to a fully compliant Dutch business, offering Operational, Economic and Financial Substance.

  • Excellence in supply chain execution and profitability.

  • Access to capital in Europe along with complementary financing options.

  • Innovation and investment opportunities.

  • Expanding of business opportunities through our network.


  • Established Dutch Cooperative Structure offers instantaneous comprehensive economic presence to all members.
  • Significant reduction in the cost of maintaining a fully compliant Dutch office.
  • Effectively addressing transfer pricing in support of transacting across global currency boundaries.


  • Established in Rotterdam, one of the global key ports in the worlds second largest export country of agri products.
  • Access to a Dutch trading entity with operational, economic and financial substance.
  • Transparent, secure and sustainable membership driven structure via Cooperative business model.
  • Reduction in cost of funding, including trade finance and capital project finance.
  • Reduction in supply chain costs such as debtor insurance and shipping costs.


  • Ability to create an investment base in hard currency in a stable environment.
  • Financing options, including trade finance.
  • Ability to utilise investment base as security for additional finance.
  • Reinvestment opportunities.


  • Access to scientific solutions and new inventions.
  • Incubator for new inventions and start-ups.
  • Support with research, applied science and public funds and grants.
  • Close cooperation with excellent universities.
  • Investment opportunities in new technology and business.


  • Member of an international network in relevant businesses.
  • Provide route-to-market solutions including sourcing capabilities to network members.
  • Extensive Business Relations and Contacts around the world.
  • Preferred party with new business and opportunities.