EXCELSIS Trading Cooperative

We provide our members with a unique platform for Global Trade and Co-Creation in the Wine, Food and Agricultural Business.

Welcome to EXCELSIS

EXCELSIS Trading Cooperative, headquartered in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, enhances, expands and innovates the global business of our members. We believe in strong bespoke partnerships and commit to tangible and profit enhancing deliverables.

EXCELSIS Trading Cooperative makes use of the Dutch Cooperative business model to provide its members with a global trade platform that includes immediate functional substance in the second largest export country of agricultural products in the world.

The cooperative structure gives our members all the control and decision making power of their trade whilst our platform facilitates smooth transacting acros the value chain.

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What do we offer our members:

Access to a Fully compliant Dutch
Business, offering Operational, Economic and Financial Substance.

Excellence in supply chain execution and profitability.

Access to Capital Access in Europe along with attractive financing options.

Innovation and investment opportunities.

Expanding of business opportunities through our network.

Our team

The founding & executive members of EXCELSIS Trading Cooperatie have an extensive background and years of experience in the food and wine industry.

The team comprises of a balanced set of skills in sales and business development, global trade & tax, organization development, and value creation.




Chief Commercial Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer